Democrat Party __ Party of Treason
Black's Law Dictionary ... Treason: _ The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which one owes allegiance, either by making war against the state or by materially supporting its enemies.

Treason is a capital offense supported by the death penalty.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid attempted to introduce a Bill that would remove the death penalty from treason, reducing political treason to "just politics".

1966  Military Intelligence Briefing: _ "America will never be defeated on the battlefield, rather through the treason of our own politicians".

1967 CIA Briefing: _ "In 1944 the Democrat Party allied with the Soviet Union in a seventy [70] year [1944-2014] program to destroy America from the inside". The Democrat Party is foaming at the mouth because treason has fallen behind schedule with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

The Democrat Party has come out of the shadows, arrogantly and overtly attempting to overthrow the new government of the United States.

As a side note _ the 1967 CIA briefing included Democrat Party political agenda "calendar programs" in which Vietnam was placed on the things-to-do calendar in 1944.

Democrat Politicians and Democrat Political Operatives in uniform [in divisive treason] planned, executed, and controlled Vietnam War _ simultaneously orchestrating the Vietnam War protest movement in the United States.

Democrat Party through their treason is responsible for the death of more than 58,000 soldiers during the Vietnam War and more than 68,000 suicides of Vietnam veterans.

President Trump would be well advised to purge his administration of any individual who held any position, anywhere within Obama administration, pushing to investigate - prosecute treason regardless of where trail leads.

Spies and traitors come in all guises, suits and ties, politicians, police, postal clerks, mailman, cook, medic, doctor, nurse, grocery clerk, bank employee, soldiers, just about anyone, anywhere, in any position high or low may be a cog in a dark political agenda to overthrow the Constitution and Government of the United States.

Democrat Party has initiated a program of "slash and burn" a "scorched earth" policy to destroy the United States.

Democrat Party embraces ... "The enemy [Radical Islamic Terrorism] of my enemy [United States] is my friend".

June 1944 _ Normandy France _ United States Army dropped two Airborne Divisions [approximately 20,000 paratroopers] behind enemy lines. The damage they did, to well armed, well trained, combat experienced German troops is legendary.

Democrat judges in overt violation of "Judicial Code of Ethics" have engaged in "partisan politics" to commit treason against the United States Government blocking President Trump's ban on travel to America from countries supporting Radical Islamic Terrorist activities.

Democrat politicians and Democrat judges have allowed through their treason the equivalent of two Radical Islamic Terrorist Airborne Divisions to go behind the lines in America. Their attacks and mass-destruction of unarmed American civilian populations will become legendary.


About the author: _ SFC Collins was accused of being a counter intelligence spy ... accused of spying on Democrat political operatives in uniform and potential Russian moles [he has always denied being a spy].

December 2nd to 3rd, 1981 _ Fort Lewis Ranger unit: Parachute imported from Fort Bragg by Special Forces Major was issued to Collins. The parachute failed.

Collins was administered an overdose of Demerol and Morphine ... died ... resuscitated by crash team.

September 1997 _ DIA officer confirmed Collins was targeted in Russian mole operation in December 1981 ... the same operation killed six Rangers and attached warrant officer in September 1981.

DIA officer [tape recorded] "Those Rangers were murdered, but on the books it will always be an accident."

Collins was burned and buried in the system [1982] by Democrat Party politicians, Special Forces & Military Intelligence political operatives in uniform.

Pentagon file is classified Top Secret level 3, shutdown, dead-dead, triple-tiered microfiche, access to major generals and above with need-to-know [only the bad guys have access].

State of Washington file is sealed.

For the past twenty [20] years Washington State Democrat politicians have blocked Collins constitutional right to be represented by an attorney.

Dan L. Collins
US Army SFC (retired)
Military Intelligence - Military Police
Soldiers and Veterans _ Remember Your Oath

"This we will defend against all enemies ...
foreign and domestic".